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Uniquely placed to take advantage of best business opportunities worldwide

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Private Banking

At FG’s Private Banking, we combine the right people, innovative ideas and opportunities to help you achieve most of your wealth.

Great Partnership

We work closely alongside you and your advisors to understand what matters most to you: to build on your achievements, fulfill your potential and lay the right foundations for your family and business to flourish. Our ultimate goal is to understand you and your circumstances, so we can deliver the right ideas and opportunities for you. At the heart of this relationship is your dedicated Private Banker. They will work with you, their colleagues from across the globe and your advisors to bring you the best the bank can offer. With having international presence, we can leverage a global network of knowledge, expertise and professional partners to meet your unique requirements. We can create custom banking solutions for your complex financing needs, tackle the challenges of managing your wealth across different jurisdictions and open the door to a range of tailored, exclusive or unusual investment opportunities.

Services we offer

Whatever you want to achieve, our Private Bankers and specialists can create a personalized solution for you. The power of our Bank is at your command.

At our Bank you’ll find bespoke financial services designed to meet your needs. We take great pride in supporting our privileged Ultra High Net worth extraordinary clients on their Out of the Ordinary journey. Our Private Banking service is specifically designed for high net worth individuals with a Minimum Net worth of EURO 1,000,000.

Your dedicated multilingual Private banker will assist you with;

  • Banking out of the Box
  • Investment advisory Service
  • Discretionary portfolio management
  • Investment funds
  • International estate planning
  • Trust Services
  • Philanthropy
  • Wealth Advisory

    As your life changes, so do your ambitions. Thanks to the power of collaboration, we can bring the best thinking to create custom solutions to build on your achievements, secure your legacy and allow your business and family to flourish.

    By drawing on our worldwide network of expert colleagues and partners, your advisors can ensure your life and wealth flow smoothly across international borders and jurisdictions

    Your Private Banker will connect you to your dedicated Wealth Advisor to review the current state of your wealth portfolio, from estate planning to custom business solutions. Together, we pool our knowledge and skills to allow you to understand and create the best ways to protect your wealth and fulfil your potential. Our ambition is your peace of mind.

    The core elements of our personalized solutions are:

    Our team of in-house specialists work closely with you and your professional advisors to develop a long-term relationship and to devise and deliver a wide range of tailored solutions.

    FG Bank SA does not and will not provide tax or legal advice.

    Specialist Solutions

    We leave no stone unturned to ensure you can uncover the best ideas from inside and outside the bank. Our Specialist Solutions team search the world to connect you to exclusive or unusual investment opportunities.

    Our Private Assets department gives you the chance to invest in funds with exposure to companies and assets not listed on a public exchange, including real estate, in a number of different ways. Our global reach means we can provide you with access to top-rated global fund managers at a reduced minimum investment. As a Private Banking client, you're at the centre of a network of partners globally. You can work with our contacts and use our expertise to develop the right customized solutions for you and your business.

    FG Bank SA will open the doors to a range of illiquid private market investments, tailored to your appetite for risk and you will be introduced to opportunities unavailable elsewhere.

    That is the power of collaboration.

    Please note investments carry risk and can fall as well as rise in value.

    Flexibility & Personalized Solutions, Making the most of your Wealth

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